Wife does’t think message on a car asking for kidney will work…

”Wife Doesn’t Think Message On Car Asking For Kidney Will Work — Until She Gets A Call”

Jennifer’s husband Peter was dying. He needed a kidney, but there were no donors or prospects, and he was dying. Taking a huge leap of faith, she wrote a message on her car. All it listed was a phone number, her husband’s blood type, and a plea to donate a kidney.

The couple shared the story with the local news, and that night, Kelly happened to be watching. She had the same blood type, O, as this total stranger. In heart, it felt like fate when she saw Peter’s three young daughters.

“My father died when I was young, and he was sick since I was 5. I knew what it was like to be them,” Kelly told WCVB. “His name is on that kidney. It’s his kidney.”

She called the number. Peter picked up and couldn’t believe it. Then, 10 minutes later, the husband had a stroke.

The journey wasn’t going to be easy, but Kelly wasn’t a quitter, and Peter was willing to fight for his life. Eventually, after a few setbacks, the pair went through with the surgery. It was a success.

Today, Peter regards Kelly as his new sister. The two now are forever bonded by the precious gift of life.

They hold hands as if they were old friends, knowing that nothing can come between them.




Text: Emerald Pellot



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